In between You and Me


Exhibit at the end of my one-month Residency at Red Gate Residency at Beijing in December 2014. Therefore I am working together with Helcia Cino, Enrique Lanz, Wolfgang Obermair, Jagrut Raval, Emma Karasz.
In a performance done with Tan Qi and students of CAFA Beijing, I am covering the space In-Between You and Me, by interacting with the audience of the exhibit.

“Gatherings of exiles and émigrés and refuges; gathering on the edge of ‘foreign cultures; gathering at the frontiers; gatherings in the ghettos or cafes of city centers; gathering in the half-life, half-light of foreign tongues, or in the uncanny fluency of another’s language … of other worlds lived retroactively; gathering the past in a ritual of revival; gathering the present” – Homi Bhabha, The Location of Culture.

In-Between You and Me is an attempt to understand the spatial temporality formed between individuals in a foreign land. The exhibition endeavors to comprehend various artistic visions from disparate locations around the world and present them in a liminal space. The space is a starting point that triggers the interactions and juxtaposes different narratives. The boundary between the viewer and the viewed gets diminished in this liminal space. The actions, sounds and gestures construct a dynamic aura within the space that leads to a potent question – Does the space between ‘Us’ and the ‘Other’ exist? Or is it merely a fictitious cavity that we imagine?