Die Wanderbank

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Die Wanderbank/The wandering bench
by Sanne Kurz and Christiane Huber.
A performing project for a storycollector and passer-by.
A bench in wandering, in search, in conquering the public space back it once dominated.
A so called story-collector (Christiane Huber) is sitting on the bench and after some while introduces herself to people next to her. Her role is immediately accepted and people start to tell stories, anecdotes or whatever they want to talk about. The story collector is just listening and writing down what she´s been told by people sitting on the bench and passers-by. The photographer and documentary-filmmaker Sanne Kurz is documenting the encounters on the bench.

A project designed for and funded by In Via Bayern and Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, Familie und Integration.
Since 2013 the Wanderbank, Sanne Kurz and Christiane Huber are touring through various railway stations in Germany.

Thanks to the writer Friedrich Ani, who is supporting the project by collecting stories and writing poetry.
Photos: Sanne Kurz
Editing: Yuval Tzafrir
Directing: Christiane Huber
Music: Rosalie Eberle