“ALonely” explores how the use of digital technologies can heighten our awareness of other people and cultural specificities. This interactive installation tries to create a feeling of loneliness in order to help us visualise and experience how people deal with this emotion. Do they accept it, do they pause and allow themselves to feel it? Or do they try to actively overcome the feeling of loneliness, for example by dancing? ALonely invites passers-by to interact: A camera picks an individual out of the crowd and projects his or her image onto a screen. The passer-by is invited to follow instructions which will change the projection. The personal becomes public and for a moment, all those present can experience it together.

„ALonely“ was developed  in collaboration with Eyal Gruss, Batt-Girl, Adi Lavy, Rotem Levim, Alon Kaplan and Neora Shem Shaul, during the Hypersensitive Hackathon/ Tribeca Film Institute, in Holon, Tel Aviv in may 2015. Tribeca Hacks are taking place worldwide for New-Media-Artists, digital artists and storytellers.

Opening Alonely @RODEO Festival
München Hauptbahnhof: 06.-08.10.2016

Herzlya Museum of Contemporary Arts /”Makers Real Time”: January -April 2016
DLD Innovation Festival: September 2015
Printscreen-Festival May 2015