Christiane Huber was born in Altötting, Bavaria.

Studying Music&Sound (MFA 2018) at Bard College
Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, NY.

She holds a Master degree in psychology and finished acting school.
Huber lives in Munich and works as an artist in Germany and internationally.

“Im am interested in dynamics of communities, e.g. the space in between empathy and hatred or in between daily routines and serendipities.
Therefore I research and question communities, their narrations and structures,
modes of transmission and notions of reality and truth.
The goal of my artistic interventions is to reveal, to create awareness and to enforce change.
Aesthetically my artistic practice spans multiple media and frameworks, including participatory art, performance, interactive storytelling, documentary film, sound and video work.

Whereas I am currently developing new frameworks for my individual practice,
I continue to collaborate with different artists and collectives.
(e.g. Mike Schmid/Ictus Ensemble, Sanne Kurz, democraticArts, radical_hope).”